Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Ahhh. To color Kirby. What an honor. What a weight to shoulder.

As issue #1 of CHARLATAN BALL is currently being colored; I've attempted to provide the colorist with as much information in terms of my own personal color theorie(s) and "tastes", however tasteful, or palettable they may be. (hehe, get it?) Well, beyond my own scope of marker comps, digging thru older French Graphic Novels and such--nearly all my JACK KIRBY reprints and collections have been earmarked and flagged. Granted, some of these newer albums have been modified, colors and line adjusted (like in those DC ARCHIVE EDITIONS or MARVEL MASTERWORKS)--but some pages remained close enough, which saved any further damage to my old, original pages of the individual issues.

...and I know I may be in the minority; but I love the way color comics look on newsprint. Classic. Bold. Expressive when needed. Pure pop pulp.

I've always loved this page (I should scan the originals, I know--), I love the way the entire page is in complete chaos, ink darting all around, lines everywhere--but the colorist was able to bring it all back. The foregrand characters are grounded and simplified.

Before Magnola...

Such a great example how color can really set mood...

I know, I know, this is a modern coloring of a classic. But they didn't kill it--and I sort of like it:

This is a sample of the "classic" coloring. I LOVE the subtle blush on the cheeks, adds a bit of life--withought the horrendous "photo-real", FX-laden pages of today's books.

These next two are probably my favorites...

So simple. Brilliant.


roque said...

Awesome scans and insight! I miss this kind of coloring.

CosmicPencil said...


I totally agree with you on the impact of old comics coloring, how it either enhances the art OR works hand in hand with the art (where most modern comics are typically over-powered by colors). I'm much more a fan of the European palette used in the bande desinee that I own, along with the old black and white of the early Warren publications, but it's nice to see such passion for the old comic coloring style!
Looking forward to Charlatan's Ball.

On a side note, I finally finished watching Samurai Jack Season 4, and found out what you look like via Gendy's round table conversation. I did not realize that you worked on that show. I do hope the book will be out before San Diego.


Anonymous said...