Wednesday, September 05, 2007


My apologies to any of you that are sick of seeing my "fine art" up on this site. I've found it much easier assemble specific pieces needed to direct people to, rather than hope they are able to sift thru my other websites.

That being said; for the two or so that care, these are various paintings spanning three or so years, save the 1st image, which was done recently as a birthday present for my friend and patron, the beautiful Melora Hardin (Jan on THE OFFICE), her website info (here). She actually owns the one below it as well.

Those who know me also know my fascination with the circus and circus themes is generally constant, as I've bored and recounted endless times of my exposure to the life while traveling the world and under various big tops with The Rudy Coby Show, that many years ago.

Continuing this recent thematic motif of NAME DROPPING; the above piece was purchaced by another friend and patron, TV's Wallace Langham (CSI, Larry Sanders, etc.). Also notice the same idea I used in the first piece, with the "near miss" swinging pair of hands below it. I originally planned that as well in the 2nd piece--but threw out that thought at the last minute.

This piece looks wet...because it was! I submitted this into a group show a few years back--but couldn't decide on the background color...apparently gobs of yellow oil paint at the last minute isn't the most practical decision, but a lady (no name to drop, sorry) bought it nonetheless. She wanted to take it with her that night and had to be instructed to delicately handle the wet paint while in transport. I felt bad when I saw she got a little bit of it on her fingers.


Mark said...

Hey Andy !

I'm not sure if I am Andy Suriano Fine Arts Fan #1, #2 or #23,051,956 ... but you know I love your stuff ... and have loved it ever since your art school days in the Motor City (oops ... I'm not giving away any secrets am I?) For some reason the thought "find Andy's blog" popped into my head today ... I'm glad I found your blog again ... because I'm impressed with your new art ... and I'm impressed that your powers have grown to include telepathic thought!

Mark (Novi, Michigan, USA)

wolfboy said...

Wow! Holy Cow!!! How the hell did you find your way here?!

You are my FAVORITE collector, btw--and made my trip out here possible. Tell me which painting you want, you get special rate! hahaha