Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"CHICKEN" of the Sea...

or: "A Rant"

This was an OLD painting; dating back to 1998. I had a potential buyer--so I thought I'd get a hi-rez pic before I part with it...which may or may not happen...anyway; I did this towards the end of my 5 (?!) year run @ CCS in downtown Detroit. I had found some modicum of success at the time, though I don't think folks knew what to do with this series (there's a set) in which I depicted Pan, Hercules and the Devil (in this instance Ulysses stood in), and their quest for the "Enchanted Pineapple". Who knows, I was probably just being a pretentious art student--though at the time could feel my days numbered and the safe, sheltered walls closing in...maybe this was an "ironic" statement and kiss-off to all the coffee-drinking hippie/beatniks.

I’m such a big man.

What an idealist.

What a lonely, missed-the-train loser.

This is such a touchy subject. "FINE ART". What constitutes it being "fine-arty" and what just looks like you thru a frame on a design you did @ work?! I mean, I view almost every piece of scrap DAN KRALL or JUSTIN THOMPSON does as pure, expressionistic genius; whether it be with a brush, a pen or a wacom. Why do I hate so many others?!?

But still, I wonder if I painted more like this now, I might actually be asked to join in some of those hip group shows all the kids are doing. It's a hard experience for me and my ego to take in when I go to these gallery/shows: perhaps I'm overwhelmed by the clones of Biskup and other copycatic sycophants. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jim Flora as well as the next guy; adore the Provensens too. We ALL love the same reference materials we each pull from in our daily trade(s)…but for me, painting has always been an escape from the doodles and grind; an experience of pushing and mixing a medium that so lends itself to expression and feeling—where I want to forget form and flatness. But that’s just me. And that’s probably why I’m not a cool kid that gets invited to cool kid art shows. I do, however, take most of the blame: Mr. Gibson had been kind enough to offer me a spot a few years back for the 8-bit show, but due to time (I was full steam ahead in 3 pilots), and my inability to decide which "style" I should go for, prevented me from making the deadline. I can't remember if that was before or after he insulted my CIRCUS PEANUT pilot. Priceless.


I need to mix it up I suppose. Venture out. Beg.

All this being said, Lou Romano’s stuff that I saw awhile back totally blew my mind. How cool and inspiring it was for me to see one of our guys, top of our field, not afraid to break out of his comfort zone and put some fingerprints on his work!


roque said...

First of all, love all the new posts. I always can't wait to see what's next to explode out of your brain.

Second, I really like your commentary on "fine art". It seems all these "hip" gallery shows are the thing to do these days. I think the artists who are influencing the hordes of animation geeks (myself included, mind you) - the Biskups, the Kralls, the Thompsons, the Blairs, the Romanos - are the artists who step out and do their own thing. They aren't afraid to push the envelope beyond the animation world and let it all hang out. As opposed to making their new painting look like a perfect Golden Book reproduction.

I'm constantly inspired by your work in that way. So keep going. You didn't miss the train. I think everyone else is just 3 cars behind you.

Chris Battle said...

Most of us are riding in the short bus behind those 3 cars. Keep doing yer thang, man-- wherever that thang takes ya.

SeƱor Chips said...

You are my hero! Seriously, like I've said before, your style is so refreshing to look at amongst all the "cartoon network-esque" mess on the gallery walls. And about lunch next week, lunch is my favorite part of the day- it's on!

Lauren said...

I love it. That's all I can say.