Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's been awhile...AND: "An Affair With a Cintiq"!


I guess I could blame rejoining the 9-5 workforce the past 3 months.

It's hard to believe, but I've stretched and piece-mealed together 3 years of Developement work into some semblance of "living". It's rough not getting a weekly paycheck. I think my comic book purchacing habits were affected the hardest.

...no it wasn't--I just didn't buy my girlfriend nice things.

hehehe Just kidding, Carlyn!

Needless to say, upon the behest of Mr. Stephen DeStefano and also NOT working on The Mighty B @ Nickelodeon any longer, ANDY UPDATES is back up and running!!! The free world will remain...er, free!

I WILL learn how to create links and add sidebars! I WILL once again have the time to check out everyone elses sites! I WILL...well, I don't want to overdoit. I've recently plugged back in my PS2, bought MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE and grown blisters on my thumbs from endless hours battling Doom Bots, seeing which outfits Spider Woman looked sluttiest. I will HAVE to post some drawings of my TEAM ROSTER! This. Is. The. Best. Game. Ever.

On another note, My first week on that abovementioned production, was spent using a CINTIQ. Hopefully from the previously posted posts below, you've gathered (what did you call it, Justin?) I like to kick it "old school" with the markers and the like--but I really dug getting into and exploring with this thing...until they told us NOT to use them by week 2.

Here's some of my Centiq doodles I mangaed to pull off during that glorious week:


sean said...

They look great. I gotta ask... what proram are you using? Good luck with that Disney project... those cats at Copernicus are outstanding!

Todd Kauffman said...

wow - that cintiq is talented

wolfboy said...

Hey Sean! I was using and thouroughly enjoyed Sketchbook Pro. I need to find another job now so I can afford to buy one for myself!

Uncle Phil said...

wow andy. really nice stuff. once again, you've inspired me.

T' said...

I especially enjoy the 'Casino' and elephant drawings. GREAT linework and perspective and a wonderful Arabian Nights feel. I got to play with a Cintiq once. It seemed like a drug one could get easily used to.

wolfboy said...

Thanks Uncle Phil! And may I say, your designs on the animated POPE movie (featured in a post below), is an inspiration not just to us Catholics, but all God-fearing individuals. Good job sir. Good job, indeed.

SteveLambe said...

Giddiyap! New Andy posts. Nice cintiqy sketches.

Sucks that we didn't get to hang out before you left Mighty B. You, me and Battle should get lunch again sometime. Ribs USA??

Chris Battle said...

Awesome stuff, man! I've been so buried with work I don't even know what's going on around me... how lame is that?

As Lambey said, let's eat some freshly killed animals and catch up.