Saturday, October 14, 2006


I can't really say what these are; since someone's using to pitch Adult Swim next week. But I liked 'em and thought I'd share...pretty funny concept, and I got to work with Alan Burnett (old Batman animated guy).

P.S. can someone/Chris Battle tell me AGAIN--HOW TO ADD LINKS, urls, etc...?! I would love to put connections to all of your blogs and sites--but, I'm afraid I'm an imbecile. I ask Phil Rynda ("America's Favorite Uncle") or my buddy Ben Kalina (PM over @ WB) how to "restart" my know, headscratchers like that, on a weekly basis.


Todd Kauffman said...

if you tell me that dude can turn into a chick i'll lose mind - what a great idea! on second thought don't tell me...cuz i'm gunna use that idea for myself;)

wolfboy said...

How many ideas of mine are you going to steal, Todd?!?

I'm watching you.

roque said...

These are freaking awesome. Hmmm...lemme see: Alan Burnett + Andy Suriano on Adult Swim.


ps. if you want to add links on Blogger you have to put on your nerd glasses and dig into the HTML a bit.

1) Sign In Blogger
2) Go to "Change Settings"
3) Click on "Template"
4) Scroll down the HTML code about 7/8ths of the way down until you can find the lines that look like this (I had to replace the arrows with brackets so that it would show up here and not be HTML links):

[li] [a href=""]
Google News[/a][/li]

5) So now whatever website you want to link to you can replace its URL inside the quotes where "" is.
6) And finally, replace the name of the website where "Google News" is.
7) Once you republish your site, you should see the change in the sidebar under "Links". If it blows up I blame Chris Battle.

This has got to be the nerdiest longest comment I've ever written.

Ok...maybe just the longest.

Chris Battle said...

Thanks for explaining that so I don't have to, Roque.

...and that was pretty nerdy.