Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Because I am doing another project for IDW, I was asked to take a stab at a TRANSFORMERS cover in the animation style of SAMURAI JACK. The evolution of the cover below:
 This was my initial concept sketch.

 Above was the final cleanup--knowing I was just going to self-color the holding lines.

The final painted version. Had I just a little more time, I definitely would've adjusted the colors to Rodimus' feet and shoulders to read better against the backgrounds. Lazy mistake on my part. My bad.

Here's the final printed version that's been released.


Lionel said...

amazing art style.

wolfboy said...

Thanks! I wish I'm the one that created it! hahaha

sam hearn said...

This is brilliant! I don't know how I found your work, but I like it a lot. Doc Bizarre is great too.

Brandon Kruse said...