Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I just finished my freelance, but not the movie I was watching, so I spent the few remaining minutes drawing (one of) the new incarnations of PROPHET. For those unfamiliar, Prophet was an Image title way back when, now reincarnated and turned on it's ear by Brandon Graham--whom I have a mad artist crush on. It's incredible and so is his other creator owned projects. Check them out.

...In any event, I've been playing with several styles lately to help increase my cleanup speed while not losing or changing my pencils too much, which my previous brush style did. I felt my solid drawings underneath would always graduate over too much towards "animation" style--although still retaining energy, I would lose myself in the literal line work too much, slowing me down. Finished pages became much different beasts, no matter how much I drew realistic, stylistic or whatever, my inks always brought it back to Kirby or cartoons. Again, not bad, but regardless of my intentions that's where I'd always end up.  So this piece may look sloppy, but I'm pleased with how fast I can be with this looser style. I can live with the spontaneous lines and even the stray ones.

Thoughts? Discuss.

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Quinton Peeples said...

Clear communication is the only thing that matters - emotion and excitement. And this has it! Stray lines and sketchiness are not important. Look at Matt Kindt or anyone like that. This is cool, for sure.