Monday, March 11, 2013


So, for over the past two years, I've been quietly working on a little known project people might not have heard of called...THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Yeah, I really hope it takes off. 

Anyway, along with doing a few mutant concepts and miscellaneous images for the new animated incarnation on NICKELODEON, I've been designing all of their consumer products stuff. I was tasked with establishing a 2d line look versus the CG wrap that's on the series. I pulled series producer Ciro Nieli's original sketches and tried to combine elements from the original comic series. 

This has been probably my favorite gig I've ever had--and after 2 years of drawing, it's been so fun to finally see all the products with my artwork on it rolling out. Since most of it is CG artwork OVER my art, I try and grab whatever I can that keeps the 2d line style (although I think someone else does a Livetrace over it in Illustrator).  Like my animation jobs, I also created model breakdowns and construction sheets for other illustrators to draw from, for them to reference for children's books, etc. 

I'm pretty sure I can't post any of my original art, so I scanned a few pages from an already published coloring book I found..."all right's Viacom, etc"...just thought I'd share--and if I can brag for just one second more, my art ALSO adorns little kid's underwear! Enjoy. 

 Yes, I tried to insert Kirby-isms whenever I could!


Evan "Doc" Shaner said...

Whoa! Duly noted, I have to get a Turtles sketch from ya next time! These are great, Andy.

wouldn't you like to know said...

Ya, these are awesome.