Sunday, November 27, 2011


Thanks to Twitter, not only do we know the inner-most workings of Justin Bieber's mind, but our collective world's are that much more connected...and thus more easily able to prod, poke and pester fellow artists into submitting pin-ups! I was fortunate enough to gather a collection of some of the most talented--and eclectic comic book artists and animators and have their work published side-by-side. I guarantee you won't find these folks together in the same book ever again. But I for one, thrive on diversity and think each artist brought their own unique vision to my character in a way I never--nor could ever think of! That's what made these so much fun and felt like Xmas every time one of my friends sent me their image. I love each and every one of their pieces.
I cropped out only their heads above for a small sampling. For a complete look at the final pin-ups, visit each respective artist's sites--as well as pick up your own copy of DOC BIZARRE MD!

Big sloppy kisses to:

*For those of you keeping score at home, that's 60 pages of story, PLUS 60 pages of bonus extras: sketches, development, page process, unused art, covers, pinups and guest pinups all wrapped in a beautiful hardcover!

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