Wednesday, June 15, 2011


After a literal revolving door of colorists for DOC BIZARRE MD, the schedule constituted me taking back the reigns of color duties, for better or for worse. I'm hoping I'm not spoiling anything by posting my rough thumbnail color scripts here. I hid the line art so not to reveal any plot points--although, if I was more than an ounce more skillful, you could technically be able to surmise plot through "feeling" the mood of the story through it's color pallet. But looking below, I'm sorry to say the story stays safely ambiguous. Let me know what you think.
Do the colors carry you on an emotional journey or do you need an airbag?


Morgan said...

My input probably doesn't help, but I REALLY dig the colors on the second batch, especially the warm ones on the bottom.

It'd be kinda neat to see a whole comic done like this (without lineart)!

wolfboy said...

It does help--thanks, Morgan.

What also would've helped was remembering comics/print are CMYK, versus RGB. Which I did. Switching mode washed out all the color. So disappointing.

Kristen McCabe said...

Love this! You sure know how to set the mood/create a scene with colors.