Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hey all; thanks all of you in this recent batch of sketchbook purchases. And thanks Brian Warmoth @ COMICS ALLIANCE for this cool article!

They've all been sent out, so hopefully most will receive in the next couple days.

There's a sketch inside each book, as well as a special separate one as well!


Morgan said...

'grats on the sketchbook sales, and the nice article!

Btw, noticed on your twitter that you're teaching Character Design for CalArts. I'm taking the same course at my school at the moment, and I'm just perspective a big part of your class? I understand it's important to do in general for animation, but we're just doing a rather crazy amount of it (with layouts/backgrounds, mostly as the prof did a lot of layout work in his career).

wolfboy said...

Hey Morgan. I suppose different artists/profs have different approaches to teaching this stuff. I think it's important to play to your strengths, as long as the basic info is being disseminated to the students. I think I lost 'em my first class--as I'm really pushing "line of action", structure and underdrawings. The class might think I'm pushing it too much, but I'm of the notion that basic drawing skills beat style any day of the week.

Morgan said...
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T' said...

For what it's worth, Andy, I've been teaching myself this stuff and the line of action and underdrawing stuff are things I've found really helpful. So don't sell them or yourself short!