Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Let's be honest. Twitter is an extremely creatively lazy way to waste time. But it's also a very convenient way to communicate with peers you've might've never had the opportunity to communicate with before. Case in point: Brian Winkeler. He and artist Dave Curd have an amazing property entitled BASTARD ROAD, which has appeared in the (Eisner Award winning) anthology POPGUN from Image Comics.
Another good thing about Twitter, it give me another forum to peddle my wares (since I still refuse a facebook account). Brian was cool enough to order my hardcover. I in turn included an original sketch of his characters. BASTARD ROAD is truly an amazing, fun read. I definitely cannot recommend high enough. If you liked R. Grampa's MESMO DELIVERY, you'll really dig their book.
Brian was so cool, he even put together the above snapshot for his Twitter Followers.

You can check out Bastard Road HERE. Dave Curd HERE and Brian Winkeler HERE.


Dan McDaid said...

Now THAT's how it's done! Beautiful stuff, Andy!

(PS. Apologies for the tardy email. I will get back to you v soon - promise.)

Morgan said...

Twitter moves far too fast for me, and this is coming from somebody who spends too much time on the internet as is. Only account I check in on is Fake!Mickey Rourke's

But yes, I do hear a lot that it's a great way to get in touch with people you'd normally have a slim chance of talking to. And that's pretty damn awesome, since Facebook rarely has that opportunity (little more personal/private). That was very cool of him to do (and hey, more promotion for you book!)

wolfboy said...

Thanks! I hear Dave's putting his colors on it. Can't wait to see.

Brian Winkeler said...

I was totally not expecting this. Thanks so much for the Bastard love, Andy!

(and Dave's temporarily off the grid - he disappears sometimes - but I'll let you know about the status of his color treatment as soon as I hear back)

Dave Curd said...

Andy! Thanks for the kind words sir. Like Brian said, I've been under the waves for a little bit- but I'm up for breath with the colored version of your amazing drawing. I hope you dig!