Sunday, May 10, 2009


I couldn't be happier to see the growing success of my very good friend and occasional collaborator, SHAUN CROMWELL. For those of you who happened to see my very first foray into animation pilots, Shaun did the rootsy score for CIRCUS PEANUT. Since then, he's worked on other movies, TV shows and currently headlining folk festivals around the country. Aside from painting this CD cover and designing with Charlatan Ball co-collaborator Ben Kalina, the music itself is some of the most sophisticated, introspective and whimsical songs I've ever heard. Listen to some of the tracks on his site or ORDER THE ALBUM FROM HERE.

Check out this video...

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tiny picnic said...

Great art... and I really like Shaun's music... I can imagine listening to one of NPR's eclectic music shows and hearing it in their rotation.