Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Digging through some of my old files from mine and Tom Kenny's PLASTIC MAN PILOT @ WB a few years back, I came across designs for Plas' parole officer, ARCHIE BRONSON. Little known fact: Dynamite Jones was originally created to be Plas' mentor and boss, but after initial notes from DC Comics, we decidedly went another direction and came up with this diminutive supporting character, unabashedly inspired by ROBERT FORSTER's "Max Cherry, Bail Bondsman" from Jackie Brown. GEORGE LIQUOR comparisons aside, Archie also has as much to owe to Yogi's BOO BOO Bear, than John K. Although he does owe a lot. Especially his rage.

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And...We even modeled Archie's office after his...
(I'll try and dig up other views. Beautiful work by SEONNA HONG and layouts from BILL FLORES)

Apparently Tom ran into Robert Forster at a Christmas party--and talked about of all things, Plastic Man, his favorite superhero! He was flattered to be the point of reference and supposedly loved the dvd of our short Tom gave him.

Looking back at these drawings now, they are in no way "great" design theories. At least not as much as I thought they were. But they made sense to me at the time.

I'd actually love to do a show or comic team-up w/Dynamite and grizzled ex-cop with a sensitive side Archie.


CosmicPencil said...


Thank you for delivering the insight into a little bit of your process! When I attempt to make a portfolio I wonder what I need to have in it (and still am vague at some points) and posts like these give me an idea.

I noticed you had a link for Frank Espinosa here and I thought i'd might mention that he has a blog now, and it is amazing!


Puga Vida said...

awesome!!!! big fan of your art!

wolfboy said...

Thanks, guys! This stuff has been vaulted up for too long.

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Luv the bio on the character! I'd watch the show.

Anonymous said...

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