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Y'know, when you're googling images for reference, etc. and you find gems that make you smile, inspire or enraged? Well, we'll stick with the first two emotions as I walk you through my a 49er and his pan of gold. Mind you, these aren't images I sought after, only the ones that I happened across in my quest.

I'm not sure where I pulled this off of, or perhaps whose blog it occupied previously--or exactly who the artist was that did this, mighty fine tribute to KING KIRBY...but it took my breath away--in the most romantically inappropriate way possible. Those colors...that costume; HELA, possibly one of my favorite Kirby designs.

...and here is Kirby's original, The Mighty Thor #150.

I. Love. That. Costume.
...Seriously; what is it, two colors?! Genius: it's already such an elaborate, overly complicated design, sticking to monochromatic color schemes made it bold, made it strong, made it one of my favorite designs. Ever.

Does the above image need any explanation as to why its up here?

Got to love it when folks put up hi-rez scans of their original Kirby art they're auctioning off on eBay! Suckers.

This anthology book is coming out soon from Image--featuring art and stories from guys on the other side of the world. Some of the work in here looks really, really impressive. You can check out a preview here.

I stumbled across this image from a colorist I'm smitten with named Dylan McCrae. His pyrotechnic palette can be seen in the latest issue of SAVAGE DRAGON #137!

To be honest, I've no idea WHERE the above-images came from. I think it's an Indian Comic Book Series, but to know for sure would be to google it specifically instead of the indirect surprise the rest have been. I'll have to make sure and do a follow-up. It definitely reminds me of Howard Chaykin's work, along with his dashing, misogynistic anti-heroes...even down to the haircut! favorite anti-hero, hero-killer MARSHAL LAW. Geez, talk about stories and images that've shaped my idea of the medium, FEAR and LOATHING is one of the BEST graphic novels on the planet. Incredible. While I'm happy Kevin O'Neill is taking a break from LEAGUE of EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMAN to put out another volume of this futuristic cape-killing cop, I'm bummed to discover it looks to be another picture-book with less pictures and more book, if you catch my drift.

...and here's my favorite cartoon of all time. I think I found these images while investigating any possible leads on DVD collections. Sigh. Sure, in retrospect it probably wasn't a great cartoon by any stretch--but I long for the day when I can create and produce a cartoon where the main characters spend the entire episode going fishin'...or persimmon pie poaching....or shooting guns. I also loved how "off model" the book covers were to the actual animated designs.

...and call me "late to the party", but I just had no idea just how MANY people steal from Ronald Searle.

And my favorite thing of the moment:

What and amazing 1967 manga by KAZUO UMEZU. Not a big fan of reading things backwards, I picked it up on a lark and mostly because I'm working on an idea seemingly very similar and wanted to make sure I was only stealing the good parts-- (haha).

And for Japan's answer to our Leprechaun Trilogies, check out this trailer. I dare you not to tinkle a little in your pants.

I'm not sure I can dutifully explain the mind explosion that occurred when I saw this online. All of my one powerful embrace.

Mwaw! Oh come on Bats, quit being so butch--a little PDA won't kill you!


Mark said...

All cracking stuff.

I remember RETIEF - it was from that first bloom of American indies, in the mid-to-late eighties. The publisher, Mad Dog, used to stick out the great EDDY CURRENT, too.

CosmicPencil said...


Was going to mention that the first image is by Giorgio Comolo, but his name is on the image so that's of no help. But his site might be...
There are quite a few Kirby re-creations on his site, and I'm sure you might dig them.

And you can never go wrong with Marshall Law.


wolfboy said...

Thanks guys! Did I actually grab that first Thor painting off of YOUR blog, Mark??

...and I LOVE Eddy Current (soon to be rereleased)!

Mark said...

Yeah, I did a post about Comolo a few months back, after a bored trawl of various art sites one wet Sunday. He's chuffin' great.

And yeah, Hela is one of the few Kirby characters I've "inappropriate" feelings towards, maybe because he did so few overtly sexual female characters. But her and Barda... oh yes.

tiny picnic said...
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tiny picnic said...

Soooooooooo many tidbits to poke through!!!... speaking of which, what is the deal with that group photo with Plastic Man where his "tidbits" are poking through?!?

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