Thursday, February 07, 2008


This is the cover art for ISSUE #1, minus the CHARLATAN BALL logo, Image banner, etc., plus I don't think this is the cropped version--but you get the idea. It should be noted that almost everyone depicted actually has a name, a story and shows up in the book(s).

Joe wants to do wraparound covers for all the books, which is a brilliant idea. Let me dig thru some of my roughs of this and post them, so you can see all the different directions and steps it took to get here. My only hesitation to doing a composition like this (besides it being fuck-all hard to fit everyone in this space), was that I did almost the EXACT drawing for Rudy Coby's LABMAN, like ten years ago--and I've yet to recover! hahaha Anyone have that to post? I think it was a promo or sourcebook. I can't find mine.

As for a release date, we were all set to do May, but Image Comics said if we waited for JUNE, they'd be able to do a bigger promotional push for it. So June it is. At least we'll have 2 books out by SD Comicon.

Check it out, pix and info are already starting to trickle out, look at this site!

How exciting, there's even a FRENCH BLOG all about Charlatan Ball...though from what I could gather, is just a collection of jpegs extracted from MY blog! "I'm big in France." hahaha


I'd love to link to more of these sites, which I will, once more comes out and I compile them.