Friday, November 03, 2006

I can't say what this is...but there will be more--

...and I PROMISE to have LINKS up by this weekend! Lambe and Battle: lunch next week? Friday?


Uncle Phil said...

these look sweet andy. i love that dude, he's the type of man you've always dreamed of.

And those guys are gunna totally stiff yo on lunch. Waaatch out!

Chris Battle said...

Damn, Phil-- and you said you wanted to hold the camera while we pelted him with maple syrup balloons as he waited in front of Fuddrucker's. Sell-out.

Yeah, Andy... next Friday sounds good. ...uh, wait for us outside...OK?

SteveLambe said... bet me to it! Friday it is, sir!

Oh and don't listen to Uncle Philbert. He's just jealous that my military jacket was sweeter than his. Huzzah!