Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Not as hot--

Thank you for looking at this site! Chris Battle just showed me how to create links which I will attempt tomorrow.

Here are some early developement for W-----W---- for the W-. Probably top secret and nothing definate, but I liked the hair treat on one of 'em. One looks like that Crossing Jordan chick, another looks like JonBenet--only not as hot.


SteveLambe said...

Aww man...sooo good! I totally dig that you use markers, Andy. It brings a lot of warmth to your sketches.

You use sponges for bg textures too right?

Chris Battle said...

Jill Hennessey as WW? Not a bad idea. Don't abandon the markers: You'll be the only one of us who can still work when the power goes out.

wolfboy said...

Still trying to figure out how to link! Arghh!

Thanks Steve! Chris! I too fear a massive power outage that will revert us all into Road Warriors!

As for sponge...I actually use PAPER TOWEL (with good texture! Dab the ink/dye in it and go to town.

Shane P said...

These are awsome. The last 2 have such a great Lynda Carter feel.

turtlepilot said...

Wonder woman!